Updated: 4th December 2018

Anders M. Hansen
Boris K. Frederiksen


General facts
1 Who is Qudos Insurance and what has happened?
Qudos Insurance A/S is a private limited non-life insurance company incorporated in Denmark that has been offering insurance products within EU through agents and brokers. The 27th of November 2018 Qudos Insurance A/S filed for liquidation (solvent). Attorney Anders M. Hansen was appointed as the liquidator by the General Assembly. In this connection, the Danish supervisory authority appointed attorney Boris Frederiksen from Poul Schmith to manage the liquidation together with attorney Anders M. Hansen.
Specific information to policyholders
2 How do I know, if I am insured by Qudos Insurance?
You are insured by Qudos Insurance A/S, if Qudos Insurance A/S is stated in your insurance policy as the Insurance company. If not, you are not insured by Qudos Insurance A/S.
3 Is my insurance policy still valid?
Your insurance policy is still valid, but due to the liquidation, you must be aware of that all insurances will terminate/end 1 year after the date of liquidation, cf. section 27(2) in the Danish Insurance Contracts Act. Therefore, all insurances will terminate/end after the expiry of the 27th November 2019. After this date you do not have any valid insurance by Qudos Insurance A/S.
4 I have an outstanding claim, what shall I do?
If you want to report a new claim, you must report the claim in accordance with the procedure described in your insurance policy. If you have any questions to an already reported claim, please contact the relevant agent/claims handler.
5 I have just received a renewal notice, can I renew this policy?
No, Qudos Insurance A/S has ceased all renewal and do not offer renewal of existing policies. Therefore, you cannot renew the policy concerned. Please contact your agent for further instructions.
6 Will my claim still be paid out?
The liquidators are currently working on getting all relevant information regarding the company. Therefore, claims will not be paid at the moment. We expect that more information regarding payment of claims will be available within 1 – 2 weeks.
7 Can I cancel my policy?
You can cancel your policy in accordance with the conditions of your insurance policy. Your policy conditions are unchanged.
8 Can I make any adjustments to my policy (e.g. want to increase limit)?
No, you are not able to make any changes in the coverage of your insurance.
Specific information to agents/claims handlers
9 I am an agent/claims handler of Qudos Insurance A/S, will my fee be paid?
Due to the liquidation no fees will be paid to agents or claims handlers at present. The liquidators will return to the agents/claims handlers with further information as soon as possible.